By April the United States had entered the war largely in response to Germany’s February announcement of all out submarine warfare.  Meanwhile the Allied Spring Offensive covering the Artois and Champagne regions of France had begun, to be followed by the Third Battle of Ypres, better known now for the evocative place name of Passchendaele.

By the end of the year revolution had seen the end of Tsarist rule, and peace negotiations starting between the new Bolshevik government and Germany.

The following died:

November     George Harold Alexander Sketchley

October         Joseph Franklin Kershaw

October         Hugh Manning Spencer

August           Cyril Norman Norris

August            Ernest Warneford Wray (not on plaque)

August            David Buchan Young

August            Wilfred Holt

May                  Thomas Smith Shackleton

April                 George Parsons Denham

March              Leslie Archibald Norris (brother of Cyril Norman Norris)